Waqas Hussain Niazi (32 KillaKilla)

I'm Owner of 32 Killa Killa's, my favourite number is 32 Killa, I like this number because, this number is very important in my life and my professional career, whenever I introduce my self, first I indrouced the person about my Killas.

Everytime, I do care about my Killa, as they are very important for me. Cause without them, I'm nothing, useless, creep on earth.

I counquered these Killas with very high amount of power and risk. The details are as follows:-

Year Description Place
1854 This Killa was rewarded by British Govt. during seperation because my forefathers betrayed Tipu Sultan in his fight at Mehsoor. Mehsoor, Indo-Pak (Subcontinent)
1885 When Congress was established, they gifted my forefathers a Killa, because of opposition of Freedom Movment. Quetta, India
15th Aug, 1947 When India came into being, my Grandfather officially raised the India (Tiranga) first time in the history. And for that effort Indian Government rewarded first Indian Killa at Banglore. Dehli, India.
15th Dec, 1947 This killa was rewarded due to again great effort of my Grandfather, he worked as a spy for India and helped India to get over the Borders of Pakistan via Kashmir and occupied the kashmir illegally. For that my beloved Grandfather was rewarded with Two Killas. Kashmir, India.
19th Sept, 1964 When India was planning to make a WAR with Pakistan, and they were informed by a Niazi's Grandfather that Pakistani has low amount of assets and also weak in some particular department, short on fuel to make a war. Kashmir, India.
16th December, 1971 General Niazi, WAr Broken
2015 This Killa was especially given by Interior Minister Choudhary Nisar Ali Khan to my Brother's a Killa for slapping Taji Khokher on face, and making Taji Khokher apologies (joining his hand, on knees). And then on the eve of my Birthday my beloved brother's gifted my that Killa. Islamabad, Pakistan